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Contract for deed is the no bank qualifying financing. We have 100s of homes that offer contract for deed financing in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Also cd programs where you may purchase any home of your choosing. 

How does the buy any homes on a contract for deed work?

Its pretty simple the investor requires the buyer put 20% down of the sale price of the property and they will purchase the home and sell it back to you. There is usually a charge of 10% of the sale price to enter into this option.

Contact us and we can better explain it to you..

MN Owner financing can be set up in a variety of ways.

100s of Minnesota Contract for deed homes-Condo-Town homes-Lake properties-Cabins-Hobby Farms.

If you do not see what you are looking for let us know we have access to Hundreds of properties thru out the entire state Of Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. We have Realtors-For sale by owners call or email us all the time with New properties they are willing to offer cd financing on.

The most popular way to structure a seller-financed deal is to do a land contract (sometimes called a contract for deed or installment sale agreement), in which the seller holds the title to the property until the buyer pays for the property in full.

Seller and buyer can negotiate the down payment and interest rate.

Land contracts often include a balloon payment, at which time the balance of the note is due in full – typically after 3-5 years. At that time, the buyer can pay off the contract for deed or sell the property.

“NOTE” Plan in advance meaning if you don’t think you can get a loan to refinance your 3 year contract on year 2 sell the house and take your equity and buy another home. Don’t wait till the last minute and hope the seller will ad an extension to the contract because the seller does not have to do this. In most cases if your payments are on time you can ask the seller if they will add time to the contract. You will want to do this early on also don’t wait till the last minute.

We work with contract for deeds in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin daily.
If you are having a hard time getting a mortgage we can help you if you have 10% down of the sale price of the house you are seeking. You will want to be ready to move on a home if you see one you like. This housing market is hot and all homes are selling very fast. We have access to 100s of properties for sale in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Using the right realtor.

We have been in business for over 20 years and work with contract for deeds daily. Having the right Realtor is a huge deal we draft the terms of your contract which is basically drafting your Mortgage for the next 3-5 years you will want the best terms possible and thats where we come in. We negotiate those for you.

We can close on a contract for deed home in Minnesota and Wisconsin very quickly. If the house is vacant we can close as fast as 7 days. We want to make sure your home inspection is complete along with the title being clear of any defects. To view more listings and contract for deed information.


If you have been turned down by a mortgage company or lender and you want to own a home you came to the right place. We find homes that the seller is willing to offer contract for deed financing..

Browse the latest Minnesota Owner financed properties daily. We will email the to as they come available.

This is a HOT market you will want to act the same day as you view the home to try to avoid Multiple offers.  I have been in Real Estate for over 20 years and work with Contract for deed financing daily. I will get your the results you are seeking. Offering contract for deed terms is a great way to produce extra income.

If you are thinking you want to sell your home with CD financing we are the best to get your home SOLD.

  1. You can expect to get the maximem Internet exposure on your property.
  2. Open houses?
  3. Pre approved Buyers are very important you do not want tire kickers in your house all day.
  4. Brochures.
  5. Past and future clients. We have a huge data base of Buyers looking to purchase properties.
  6. MLS
  7. Drafting the purchase agreement/Going over all the terms and drafting the purchase agreement so you understand the terms of the contract.
  8. Comparable homes for sale in the area.
  9. Place your property in our hands and let us take the stress out of selling it for you.
  10. Research the property title

    Make sure the seller really owns the property. You risk losing the home and everything you have paid if it has a mortgage and goes into foreclosure. Check with a title agent or the county property office to find out if there is a mortgage or other liens on the property. A title agent can also ensure the contract is properly recorded with the county, as required by state law. This will also help prove your possession of the property and protect you from post-contract encumbrances placed on the property by the seller.

  11. Make sure you understand the contract and your financial responsibilities

    Review the monthly payment, property tax, insurance and maintenance/repair requirements you are accepting. What interest rate are you paying? How much is the balloon payment and when is it due? What are the terms under which the seller can cancel the contract and evict you?

  12. Apply for a conventional or FHA mortgage

    We recommend trying to get pre-approved with a lender first. If we cannot get you approved with traditional financing then we can go to the creative financing option.

  13.  Purchasing a home with a mortgage, the buyer agrees to directly pay the Owner  monthly installments. The buyer is able to occupy the home after the closing of the sale, but the seller still retains legal title to the property. Actual ownership passes to the buyer only after the final payment is made or the buyer refinances the property thru a lender/ Mortgage company or pays off the contract for deed.

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