How to raise credit scores to buy a home

Reduce the Amount of Debt You Owe 

Reducing the amount that you owe can improve your credit score. The first thing you need to do is stop using your credit cards.

Use your credit report to make a list of all of your accounts and then go online or check recent statements to determine how much you owe on each account and what interest rate they are charging you.

Come up with a payment plan that puts most of your available budget for debt payments towards the highest interest cards first, while maintaining minimum payments on your other accounts.

I recommend using credit they will let you look at your credit for free and get a credit score on transition and Equifax.

Be aware that paying off a collection account will not remove it from your credit report.
It will stay on your report for seven years.

If you are having trouble making ends meet, contact your creditors or see a legitimate credit counselor.

If you have low credit an want to buy a home. There are still options for you.

Try a contract for deed?  In Minnesota we have 100s of contract for deed properties. All types you may view them on our web page or contact us today.

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We have MN owner financed homes with 10% down of the sale price of the house.
Also FHA -VA-Conventional- with credit scores in the 580 range. 3% down. Some programs in rural areas and Va are 0 money down.

Contact us for a private showing on all types of homes. We will find out what the sellers want for a down payment and terms before we show you the property.

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Here are are a few options for you if still want to purchase a home before you get your credit scores higher.

Contract for deed-in Wisconsin they call them land contracts-Rent to Own-Lease options-Purchase money mortgage or just renting a property while you work on your credit.

We also have contract for deed programs where an investor will purchase any home for you and sell it to you on a contract for deed. If you are interested in something like this contact us we will explain it to you.